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CV Forwarding Service

Benefits of CV Distribution Service

CV Distribution Service extends job seekers' reach, sending their CVs to industry-specific recruiters, employers, and managers for increased job prospects.

Online Technical Support

Our customer support team is available during PST working hours to assist you. Customers can contact us by email, WhatsApp, phone, or live chat.

Fastest Email Delivery

Within hours, we swiftly distribute CVs to our entire database, completing the process within one day.

Email Response

Drive sales with impactful email marketing services for optimal results.

CV Forwarding Service Plans for UAE and Pakistan!

Achieve Your Dream Job Today!


CV Distribution UAE

AED: 200

  • 400,000 Email Addresses
  • Responsive Front End
  • Within 24 Hours Delivery
Purchase Plan

CV Distribution Pakistan

Rs: 1000

  • 535000 Email Addresses
  • Responsive Front End
  • Within 24 Hours Delivery
Purchase Plan

CV Distribution services offer numerous benefits to job seekers. They broaden your job search scope by connecting you with a vast network of recruiters and employers. This increases your chances of finding suitable opportunities that align with your skills and aspirations. Additionally, it saves you time and effort by efficiently circulating your CV to potential employers, maximizing your job prospects and career advancement.

Requirements for Email Marketing:

Please forward the aforementioned information along with the invoice number and payment confirmation details to

Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions Addressed. Find quick answers to queries about our services, policies, and support in this concise FAQ guide.

CV Distribution Service broadens job seekers' reach and chances. It sends CVs to recruiters, employers, and managers in a specific industry/location.

We ensure comprehensive CV distribution to our entire database, but we do not guarantee job placements or CV distribution responses.

The duration of all packages is 30 days.

We ensure the proper execution of each campaign for all clients. However, we cannot be held accountable if any client does not receive a response from the campaign.

We do not generate email reports or statistics for any campaign of CV distribution.

Kindly be advised that we do not provide a refund policy for our services.

Elevate Your Job Search with Syed’s Group’s Premier CV Distribution Services in the UAE

Unlock the doors to promising career opportunities through Syed’s Group, your trusted partner in exceptional CV distribution services across the UAE. Our commitment to your success extends beyond expectations.

Why Choose Syed’s Group for CV Distribution?

Tap into our vast network of industry contacts, recruiters, and employers. We ensure your CV reaches the right hands for relevant job openings.

We understand the UAE job market intricacies. Our customized CV distribution approach matches your skills and experience with job requirements.

Our strategic distribution methods ensure your CV reaches a diverse array of employers, maximizing your exposure in the competitive job market.

Your information is secure with us. We maintain strict data privacy standards throughout the CV distribution process.

Stay informed. Receive updates on the progress of your CV distribution, ensuring you’re in the loop.

Our team is here to address your queries, provide guidance, and optimize your CV for maximum impact.

Unlock Your Professional Journey

Empower your job search with Syed’s Group’s unparalleled CV distribution services. We’re dedicated to propelling your career forward.

Contact us today and open the doors to potential employers and the next step in your career journey. Your success is our priority.

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